We also picked some easily understandable tutorial videos for Rigging in After Effectsto make this experience easier for you! You can see examples of 2D animation everywhere including this article, just a bit down below, also on our logo animation pageso it is due time for you to try creating some, if you are in the business with us!

From the dawn of animation, everyone understood that it is a difficult and complicated process, and many have tried to make it easier and more accessible. However, it all changed inwhen Duik was released. Never before have we had a FREE rigging program of the same quality and high caliber as this masterpiece, made and published by Rainbox. Animation became closer to us all, and that is thanks to Duik, an innovative addition your Adobe After Effects.

There are many reasons why Duik rose above the other similar software, and here we will discuss most of them. Duik has always been, and always will be, absolutely FREE! It offers the option of donation, for those who want to financially help it improve. The creators of Duik are aware that Rigging is a complicated job, so they included a comprehensive user guide, that will help you understand the basics, but also the advanced options that this Animation plug-in offers.

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Duik frequently gets updates, so any bugs and mistakes are fixed almost instantly, so you must never worry about losing your progress or getting a crash. If you are a developer, you are very welcome to make changes as the Development Kit is always open! You can improve the software, or adjust it to your preferences. Limb control has never been this easy, and the new puppetting system introduced by Duik is simple and useful.

For beginners, there is Autorig, and once rigging is done, you can apply dynamic automations to breathe life into your characters. Finally, to get you started you need to see some examples, and also a good tutorial. Here is a great one that will help you get used to Duik:.

Victor - Character Animation DIY Kit ( After Effects Template ) ★ AE Templates

For rigging, you will need an illustration or a vector to rig. It is usually the best to work with a simple character at first, as described in the tutorial above. However, once you want your 2D animation to look more professional, you will have to use colorful and character with more details. Here are some of our recommendations, taken from Freepik. We collected a few epic short animations that look very realistic and natural, and they were all made in After Effects only!

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That means that with enough practice, you can become capable of creating one just like this!There are thousands of free After Effects Templates and Packs online. With so many options how do you find them and even more importantly, how do you identify the best ones? Below is a list of over 75 free dope templates and the list will continue to grow!

These files include the finished product of a tutorial and allow you to easily follow along or to just use the file as per the license the creator grants you. Envato presents a one of a kind intro with an upbeat vibe! Modern, sleek, and professional, Envato graphics never fails in their packages. The unique design is fully customizable. Full HD quality is offered in the Short Upbeat Intro and will be sure to add a welcoming aesthetic to your video project.

Intro is 41 seconds long, resolution is xand the file size is only Bring city-life ambiance to your video with the Urban Opener by Envato. Perfect for travelogue, street art, or any modern video you are wanting to amp up.

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Sleek and exclusive openings by Envato are always premium quality. Professional quality for only a few dollars. Easy for any beginner in After Effects or pro. Envato takes the load off of you and promotes positive viewer feedback.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you find this list valuable please share this page so others can benefit from it. Also, you might be interested in my other article on the best free premiere pro templates!

This is the best deal online if you create videos. Jump to section 1. Free Lower Thirds 4. Free Logo Templates 5. Free Titles Packs 6. Free Transition Packs 7. Other Free Files 8. After Effects Premium Templates. Basic Patterns in After Effects. Captain Marvel Energy Effect Tutorial!

Film Learnin. Colorful Glitch FX Tutorial! Sine Wave Hair and more! Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Beautiful Design: All of the templates on this list have been reviewed for design and they pass the test. They will help keep a high standard for your videos.Favorite Category. Customize the color of the character as you want. And create natural character action by combining motion, setting the timing and lipsyncing according to the voice audio.

This whole thing is Simple, Easy, Fast! Pay attention to the characters in more styles from now. Line-up will continue.

after effects character animation template

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit is a complete character animation kit. Easily create beautiful character animations and tell your story. Character Animation Toolkit has it all. Simple to use, yet powerful, to achieve amazing results!

Free 2D Character Rigging & Animation Plugins for After Effects

This project is great for presenting your website, app, business or product. It uses your voice-over to drive the animation of the lips of the spokesperson. It only takes a few quick steps. You can place anything in the placeholders you like, such as videos, images, animations or text. Character City is a template designed with an explainer video professional in mind. Anyone that has engaged clients to make explainer or product video marketing has seen the challenges of creating a story, designing a storyboard and completing an animated video on tight budgets and short deadlines.

This after effects template, Character City version 2 is an Explainer Animation Video Toolkit that includes an updated, improved bundle packed with:. This flat vector style toolkit can be the perfect business explainer or presentation for your company. May your company be a big corporate business or a small freelance shop, this video can work for a wide range of purposes.

after effects character animation template

You can also use it to show off your design work or other portfolios depending on the branche you are in. With this organized package you can create your own promo videos in no time. You will have full control over the character its appearance.

You can change its hair style, skin color, clothing style and perhaps add in some additional elements such as glasses, a scarf, a mustache and so on. Further more, you can easily drag and drop entire scenes and switch them all around to create your unique story.

All these scenes contain the popular animated elements often needed for explainer videos such as money, website browsers, wallets, gift boxes, responsive devices and so on.Character Animator is a character animation application that allows you to bring expressive characters to life using your own artwork.

Adobe Character Animator allows you to import artwork from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and breathe life into them. You can do so by first capturing your performance using a camera and microphone. However, it is a stand-alone application, and can be launched separately outside After Effects, too. Using Photoshop or Illustrator, create a multi-layered document representing the structural pieces head, eyes, mouth, arms, legs, and more of a character.

Download Free After effects Templates

If you have created a character already, skip to the next section to learn how to import your artwork into Character Animator. The selected artwork is imported and a puppet representation, created from its layers, appears in the Project panel. The structure of the artwork in a Photoshop or Illustrator document determines the structure of the puppet within Character Animator.

Some features of the puppet can be swapped between different variations or replacements for example, different mouth expressions for a character can be separate layers in the document. You can create a custom puppet rig structure, including replacements, within Character Animator.

Adobe After Effects

The scene is automatically opened in the Scene panel, and the puppet you just added is selected in the Timeline panel. A scene contains puppets. Red tracking dots will appear on your face. If your puppet had specially named layers for example, Head, Left Eye, Mouth, and so onyou can control it by making different facial expressions in front of your webcam. A puppet has behaviors, capabilities that let you control its movement, deformation, appearance, and other attributes. Some behaviors use external controls, such as the webcam or audio or mouse input.

after effects character animation template

Try shifting the character closer to the center of the scene by increasing the Position X parameter value for the Transform behavior. Most behaviors have parameters that let you customize the results.

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The source master definition of a puppet appears in the Project panel, with instances of the puppet in a scene. The parameter values for the source puppet are the defaults for all instances, but you can override those values for each instance.Favorite Category.

Just enter your text and done! Elegant modern style perfect for corporate presentation, tv show, broadcast promo or intros. Cuper presents is a template you can use to incorporate high quality, 3K renders of a 3D animated character rendered so you can adjust size, colors by layers and choose from a number of animations.

Create your own, unique explainer video and show your message with 3D animation all in After Effects…. If you are looking for a template to make an explainer video and have seen all kind of explainer video toolkits and wish there should be something more, you have come to the right place. This templates gives you full control over the design you want and helps to do everything fast.

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You can simply create a new character in photoshop or illustrator and import it into aftereffects and thats pity much it. Rest whatever you need to use that character is ready for you.

So no more rigging, controlling, animation everything is ready for your own designed character, Amazing! Feel free to leave a comment or email us from our profile if you have any queries.

Business Explainer Toolkit contains more than elements which allows you to make your own promo video quickly and easily. With Business Explainer Toolkit template you can make your own animated commercials, explainer video for your services or short product promo videos which will help you to boost your sales.

We are planning to add more characters and scenes over time so this pack will grow in value but remain at the same price. This is a great Cinema4D project file for making the dynamically changing counter or any text made with any geometry.

Just design your character then load it into After Effects and enjoy the animation with your fully rigged character! However you can use the 8 included unique characters we designed. The Paper Alphabet After Effects template is a beautiful, animated font. This fun project is perfect for adding fresh titles to your next video. Easy Customization! Using the controls you can change the colors, direction and position as you like. Explainer Video Toolkit 3 27 March 17 — Update 3.

Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is the biggest and the most advanced template for explainer videos avaliable today. With explainer video toolkit 3 you can build unique, engaging and professional explainer videos for almost any kind of business. This new version is so easy to usethat majority of time you only need to drag and drop elements or animation presets into your scenes. Simple as that! You can have your video up and running within just a few minutes. It has a clean trendy design so it is easy to find and buy more high quality graphics for your story from other artists!

Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is easy to use even for beginners.We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Boy character constructor. Cartoon characters at coworking center, creative space. Man character set for animation with various views, hairstyle, emotion, pose and gesture.

Teenagers boys characters communication online retro cartoon poster with music symbols and chat messages bubbles vector illustration. Office male worker character creator constructor elements collection with hands legs heads and accessories isolated. Teenager girls characters with phone tablet and laptop retro cartoon icons 2 banners set isolated vector illustration.

Happy multiethnic children characters playing and having fun in superheroes or fairytale costumes cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background. Cartoon cute monster set. Flaticon Free customizable icons. Stories by Freepik Free editable illustrations. Hello, Sign in Sign in or Sign up. Edit profile.

Pimp my cookie. Cartoon character with a man in t-shirt white casual for animation titaporn Mouth pronunciation collection for animation artalex 7. Cartoon character with business woman in suit for animation. Young girl character model sheet with walk cycle animations and lip syncing vectorfactory Emotions eyes of anime manga girls apoev Business woman pikepicture Group of anime manga girls of schoolgirls, in japanese style.

Office worker pikepicture Office worker male poses set macrovector 8k Set of vector cartoon illustrations for creating a character, businessman. Young characters in cartoon style ddraw 44k Pack of nice character eyes freepik 70k People waving hand illustration concept pikisuperstar 4k Set of 18 designs of kawaii expressions gstudioimagen 27k Young people waving hand pikisuperstar Blue student characters set freepik k 1k.

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